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the teen in self- defense, is set to go to trial in june. >> national labor unions hold their right to work rally ahead of the house and senate vote on becoming the controversy right to work bill and at organized labor. >> if is passed and signed into law, michigan would become the 24 right to work state, banning requirements that nonunion employes paid union for negotiating contracts and other services. >> california is not one of those 24 states. we saw wisconsin passed similar legislation with huge protests. there are huge protests going on in michigan will bring you live pictures when we come back. >> it is 7:15 a.m. now we want to go live to erica to get a look at the weather this tuesday morning. >> good morning darya. >> there's a more dense fog to day. we are taking it live outside to my favorite shot of the morning this is our mount tam cam it could see it showing the cloud cover in fog. >> is cold 37 for fairfield vallejo 38. and concord out conditions for san francisco and the coast. upper '40's in daly city 45 in oakland. off as we take a look at your afternoon highs will not wa
approaching 92 and want to get past 92 through hayward it is stop and go towards union city. traffic in the south bay is not bad but it is building up. 1 01 headed north out of san south san jose is crowded as you approached 87. it is also slow 85 approaching highway 18. >> mountain as the high school and lincoln elementary are reopening this morning. the schools were closed yesterday after found graffiti at a nearby school that made a threat against a male teacher at monte vista. >> everything as a starting to pick up an all-out of teachers and have made their way into the parking lot. everything is reopening this morning after a very scary day for them yesterday. this happened just before 7:00 yesterday. officers went to check out graffiti at nearby lynbrook high school and they found graffiti that spelled out a bomb threat for motna this the high school. that brought dogs on the campus and look for a bomb. they did not find anything. they also evacuated nearby lincoln elementary which is also reopen today. officers will be on campus just to make sure nothing goes wrong today the m
going through. >> the alameda, san leandro, hayward, union city also getting rain. the green is a light rain if you head for south scattered showers for the south bay into parts of san jose. >> expecting showers to stick around this morning also gusty winds. the showers will decrease and some clearing and tonight the skies will clear out. >> we could see dense fog from morning. >> richmond bottle temperatures in the 40's. 34 napa and santa rosa. everyone else in the '40's. >> richmond, novato >> the blue is a snow in lake tahoe we have the winter storm warning in effect until 11:00 p.m.. >> 3 in. of new snow possible today. storm totals one to 2 ft.. dress in layers. >> future cash shows us the showers for this morning will be scattered not widespread nothing compared to yesterday's. all suit see gusty conditions. 2:00 this afternoon may be scattered showers overall a lot of us will start to dry out. the clouds will start to break up. >> mid '50s and oakland. 53 in san francisco downtown. 54 in redwood city. concord in the mid-50s. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows bree
-that the bombs what is on site. the union high school district is actually the school district that contacted mocked the vistmonte vista . >> continue as always also said to be shut down but they have not been affected. so far it is monte vista on mcclellan road. we have road leading to a high school block in all directions attention to keep everyone far back. so this is that the ignittechnician can go in and check the bomb. >> officials will let parents know when schools will be open. it is right now shut down. there is no one on campus. felipolice in cupertino are keeping people well that while they conduct their search. >> at this point a threat has been made in graffiti on the monte vista terrace is regarding student at the monte vista high school. >> we have heard no indication that this is legitimate but they are going to the process of clearing the campus room by room. we will let you know we did more informations. >> here traffic center with robins a major hot spots. and early one fatal accident on san mateo bridge has cleared. problems of one the one in redwood city. >> right between
out to ditcher gives under the tree before christmas. kron 4 as you'll leak is live in union square this morning where we expect to see crowds of last-minute shoppers. yoli >> has maisie's read open? >> yes. they are ready for business. in fact this is a very good time for you to come on to the stores because it is very quiet. if you have a last minute guess because they expected to get very busy for the afternoon. yes square will open up about 8:00 a.m.. people can enjoy their time walking a round. it will probably get more busier later. >> when i passed by the mall earlier this was a rough weather i can imagine that union square today is not a bad day. >> eric us here now with our weather. it >> if you are heading out we do have high clouds in the distance. a small conditions as are your morning. if temperature rise is 49 degrees out the door in san francisco. as we take a look at the headlines you can expect the skies to be full sun. the clouds will develop later on. there is a another storm system that is going to come on christmas day. if you can expect rain to began in the aft
however, it is still pleasant conditions. mainly sunny skies and walnut creek as 64. 65 in union city. to the north bay plenty of 60s. 65 for berkeley. 63 for san bruno. mid-60's for downtown san francisco. changes talk about how pressure in control for now it is guiding the storm track well to our north. we are enjoying a relatively clear conditions. we do have rain on the way. you to cast for show by 11:00 p.m. tuesday night we have the potential for a shower or the north bay. it is overnight you consider rain lines sagging south. the system dropping in on the gulf of alaska. we would not see heavy rain some light rain indicated by the zero on your screen. with a dusting of snow for some of the higher elevations. a lot of cool air expected. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows we will startratures are only climbing into the mid '50s that will be the case for the next several days. a mix of sun and clouds as we head into friday. saturday and sunday we do introduce another potential for wet weather. this one could bring moderate rain especially to our north. 7:17 is traffic
where you can see some moderate rain near is a san ramon and san leandro. union city looking wet and burlingame and san mateo meaning moderate rain. it's wet for san carlo and palo alto and once the rain comes through, we will have the winds to pick up and can see some gusty winds -- with that, saturated soil it looks like we're concerned about downed trees and power lines. we'll have to watch that. here's a look at the futurecast. you can see at noon today, again, we'll have continued widespread rain for the afternoon and buy area. the rain heading south and southeast southeast in parts of san jose by late this afternoon as well but i think the system is going through faster than anticipated so now getting ready for higher within gusts. also the winter storm warning for tahoe starting at noon so lots more fresh powder will come down in those ski resort. let's go to george with your traffic now. good morning. >> morning, annie. >>> as we monitor the light ride, we have noticed an increase in volume at the bay bridge. i say that somewhat tongue-in- cheek, although it's actually
study. >> this move comes after the american civil liberties union and other groups raise concerns. >> eight men accused of kidnapping, beating and raping and at risk scene is behind bars this morning. 36 year-old gary atkinson is under arrest. he is facing multiple felony charges involving an at risk a girl who au say, has the mental capacity of a 9 to 12 year old child. she was found two days later on at muni tried in san francisco. surveillance video from a bart train was used to identify the suspect. officers captured him sunday night. the 16 year-old girl is back with her family members. >> police in berkeley are investigating an accident that happened last night. a car crashed into the east market liquor store at san paulo and haskell street around 9:30 p.m. last night. a woman who was shopping in the store was injured and taken to a local hospital. no word yet on what caused the driver to crash into the store. >> you could see the southbound ride on the golden gate bridge is still stopped. george will have more when we return. >> welcome back. the golden gate bridge is havin
degrees 54564 union city. 55 in santa rosa. san francisco is at 56 7 day around the baythe shows what weather will stick around. we could see up to 4 in. for the north bay and one to 3 in. for the rest of the bay area. the morning lows will not be that frigid and they will bottom out in the low '40's. we have a great chance each and every day with the exception of christmas morning. snowbound that comes beaverboard we have not seen too much snow recently by tahoe has a base of 73 in.. norstar has a base of 65 in. and squaw valley received an inch of snow in the past 24 hours. the base is 10 to 79 in.. >> we continue to monitor pretty good ride for the bay area. later than usual traffic all over. at the bay bridge as we start our bridge check for the westbound ride the 880 approach has hardly any back up at all. even in the extreme right hand lane which goes to the open toll lane. 16 to 80 minutes, 14 are less coming from the nimitz freeway. the san mateo bridge has only emergency vehicles that it was for across the span, thankfully was not problem on the bridge. we're still looking at
on mars. the city is hosting the annual fall meeting of the american geophysical union, use gathering of our scientists and space sciences. the rumor mill started going last week when curiosity's chief scientist was quoted as saying that the rover had collected data that would make it to the history books. what does that mean?. nasa downplayed that comment in a statement on friday. that did not stop the rumor mills over the weekend today's announcement is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. this morning we will let you know what they an ounce. >> thank you james school for thousands of public school students is about to get longer. not in california five states are announcing today they are adding at least 300 hours of learning time to some school starting next year. a colorado, connecticut, massachusetts, new york and tennessee are all part of this the goal is to boost student achievement and to make u.s. schools more, pedicle level. three-year pilot program will affect 20,000 students not here in california. state and federal funds will cover the cost. >> the california kid every a sigh of reli
as well as for criminal investigations. however, the american civil liberties union is worried that the police could also use is remote controlled aircraft to spots on local residents. but the shares to promises they have no intention of using the drums and that way. >> we are learning new detail on the men who was killed and the south bay as police continued to search for his killer. his 66 year- old millionaire venture capitalist raveesh kumra was murdered dornan home invasion and of still never mud of monterey sereno last friday. his wife was the one who called up story same that the house had been ransacked. the los gatos police department described kumra's as a man in his early 20s white or hispanic about 6 ft. tall. >> oakland police have made an arrest in connection to a case involving an at risk teen girl, who walked away from a group home last week. the 16 year-old, who was considered at risk because of her diminished mental capacity walked away from the french home in oakland last tuesday. the girl was found to this letter in sampras's go. police have not release the
will be putting forward very specific proposals. i will be talking about them in my state of the union. we will be working with interested members of congress to try and get something done. the idea that we would say this is terrible this is a tragedy never again and we do not have the sustained attention span to be able to get this done over the next several months does not make sense. >> i have more confidence in the american people than that. i have more confidence in the parents, the mothers of the fathers that i have been meeting over the last several days all across the country from all political persuasions. including gun owners who say this time we have got to do things different. >> what about the nra? >> the nra is an organization that has members who are mothers and fathers. i would expect that they have been impacted by this as well. hopefully they will do some self reflection. here is what we know that any single glove law cannot solve all of these problems. we will have to look at mental health issues. we will have to look at schools. there will be a range of things that joe'
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12